Who We Are?

Akatek Technical Textile is located in Turkey in Antalya, the total area of ​​the company is 20.000 m2, where the factory area is equal to 10.000 m2. Akatek Technical Textile is engaged in the production of technical and blend yarns. Today, Akatek Technic Textile has 9 ring spinning machines, thanks to this spinning system, Akatek Technic Textile can pull the rovings to the desired yarn count, and transmit the desired number of yarn turns. Read More



Suitably Production

We precisizly inspect our products with great care and try to detect possible faults in order to provide you perfect products.


Guiding Sector

We become first from the date we have been established to nowadays by determining needs of market in respect of engineering and work safety, in advance. We are proud to be the market leader in our industry.



Customer Focus

We provide services to our customers with principles of right price to right customer at the right time, by determining needs and expectations of our customers.



We develop our products with our R&D team, who is expert on the issue, by keeping step with dynamism of changing world.