Akatek Technical Textile is located in Turkey in Antalya, the total area of ​​the company is 20.000 m2, where the factory area is equal to 10.000 m2.

Akatek Technical Textile is engaged in the production of technical and blend yarns.

Today, Akatek Technic Textile has 9 ring spinning machines, thanks to this spinning system, Akatek Technic Textile can pull the rovings to the desired yarn count, and transmit the desired number of yarn turns.

The main raw materials for the production of yarn enterprise are such fibers as,

  • Meta-aramid fiber
  • Para-aramid fiber
  • Antistatic fiber
  • Viscose FR fiber


To be an innovative, ready for change, value adopting company where realistic decisions and permanent applications are available, with a healthy and safe working environment that employees fondly come, which is capable to establish trust based relationships with its customers, which mainly aims to protect persons with its experience, knowledge and trained staff and its understanding of sustainability, reliability and high quality, and to go beyond expectations with our services and products provided with state o art technology.


To be a leading company that guides the industry, which all its stakeholders are proud of with its experience, production and technical knowledge as well as its quality and R&D activities on all activities that it engages in.

OEKO-TEX Certificate

OEKO-TEX Certificate