Persons (“User”) who visit and/or use the website domain “” (“Website”) run by Akatek Technical Textile Inc. (“Company”) are expected to peruse this Privacy Policy before using the Website and Mobile Application.

In order to provide Users with a better service on the Website and Mobile Application, certain information (name, age, email address, etc.) is requested. This data collected through the Website and Mobile Application is used within the scope of the Website and Mobile Application for special offers or special promotional activities pertaining to the User’s account. Apart from collecting personal information; the statistical data regarding the procedures on the Website and Mobile Application are analyzed and preserved. Our company does not share the information transmitted through the membership forms with a third party, does not use or sell it for commercial purposes other than the existing activities without the knowledge or disapproval of the Users.

In the Website content, the features of Google Analytics Remarketing & Demographics and Interests Reports are being used. By using the advertisement settings, one can be excluded from Google Analytics for Display Advertising and the Google Display Advertising Network ads can be customized. The demographic information provided by Google Analytics is used with the aim of customizing the Website and any existing Website ads according to the interests of the Users. This information is utilized for target audience operations as well as being shared with advertisers alongside the information belonging to other Users. This data does not, in any means, include personal information (first name, second name, national identity number, sex, age, etc.) and it is used only in order to evaluate User preferences as a group and compiling the target audience. By agreeing to this Contract of Use, it is approved that the anonymous information is shared with advertisers for commercial and publicity purposes.

Third party providers including Google display the Website and Mobile Application ads in the banner domains of the publisher websites on the internet. With the aim of collecting information regarding ads as well as optimizing and publishing them based on the User’s past visits to the Website and Mobile Application, the Website and third-party providers including Google use first party cookies together with third party cookies. Personal User data can be declared to public authorities only when requested by public authorities and an explanation is obliged as per the mandatory legislation provisions in force.

User’s credit card information requested on the payment page is not preserved on the servers of the Website and Mobile Application or any third-party company with the aim of prioritizing the safety of Users shopping on the Website and/or Mobile Application. It is being ensured that all the payment procedures are carried out between the respective bank and the User’s device through the interface of the Website and Mobile Application.

By agreeing to this Contract of Use, the User agrees that the shared information belongs to himself and consents to the sharing of this information with other juristic persons associated with the Company with the aim of conducting sales and marketing activities as well as ensuring that this information is reported appropriately in terms of any means of communication.

One can unsubscribe from the mailing list anytime by clicking on the link “Please click if you don’t want to receive special offer notifications” located at the end of all emails sent within the scope of Website membership or by not choosing the option “I want to receive notifications about special offers” in the “Update Membership Information” domain located in the “My Account” section of the Website. The member openly consents to the processing of personal data and its transfer to third parties within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”). Personal data is to be processed as long as the membership continues.

As the Data Supervisor under the Law, Akatek Technical Textile Inc. acknowledges all the responsibilities and liabilities designated in the Law.

Member’s personal data is processed with the purpose of providing a better shopping experience, collecting and compiling statistical information, improving business operations, fulfilling the responsibilities of the Company designated by the membership contract and other similar purposes.

Member agrees, avows and gives consent to the transfer of his personal data to domestic and international third parties specified by the Company for preserving, storing and processing it for whatever purpose. The Personal Data belonging to the Member is collected through this application form or if necessary, on electronic media.

Member has the right to consult to the Data Supervisor Company anytime within the scope of the Law to find out whether his personal data is being processed or not, to demand information regarding his personal data if there is any being processed, to learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether this data is being used in line with the purpose, to find out about the third parties with whom his information is shared, to demand the correction of any mistake in his personal data and to demand it from the third party if the data has already been transferred, to request that the data be deleted, erased or made anonymous if the reasons for processing data are abolished or to demand it from the third party if the data has already been transferred, to object to any negative result brought forth by the processed data, to lawfully claim compensation for any damages caused by unlawful data processing.